A lot of people went into remote working mode due to the pandemic conditions. Yet, they’re expected to go back to the office when the situation stabilizes.

Why not take the plunge now? Shifting from your local WFH to the globally distributed team has never been easier.

Getting back to the office

With the advent of pandemics, I observed a lot more remote jobs opportunities coming up. Projects that weren’t conducted in a distributed way before, became accessible. It seemed like even the big players have been finally convinced of that way of work. The pandemics have accelerated the remote revolution.

At the same time, the same job offers indicated that coming back to the office is a must in the nearest future.

Currently, more companies expect their employees to get back full-time into offices. The party is over. No surprise. They have invested a lot in their infrastructure. Not to mention other factors involved. For instance, lack of trust and status pursuit.

If you were working remotely all that time, chances are that you’ve already got used to your remote work setup and you like it. Is it worth it to get back to all that things that aren’t the work itself? Commuting, office politics, and other distractions?

Remote By Default - opportunity is everywhere


The current remote job market is abundant. There is no reason to work on the local work-from-home and earn localized rates.
To help engineers find the place that fits them best, I created the Remote By Default. It’s a no-fluff directory of remote software companies.

The choice is yours.

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