Are you wondering what kind of skills do you need to become a remote developer?

Well, there’s no such thing as a fixed requirements list, but I can tell you from my experience which areas are important to do the remote work right.

This post will be useful also for non-IT remote workers, so keep readingπŸ‘‡

The language πŸ—£πŸ’­

What is the most important language for a software developer these days?

Java, Python, or maybe JavaScript that is everywhere nowadays? The answer is simple – English πŸ˜‰
You don’t have to be a master in it. But even if you’re not working in the English-spoken environment, you’ll find it very useful when you try to solve the problems, read the docs, ask questions over the Internet, etc.

Technical skills – know your stuff βš’οΈ

You probably have heard that technology is just a tool. You can always learn it in a limited period of time, right? It can be true, but you have to know your tool well in order to be effective.

No matter how cool a person you are, you need to know your stuff too. Because providing the added value to the project is the most important task for you, at the end of the day.

Writing, expressing your mind ✍️

The vast majority of the communication in the remote teams is in the written form.
Hence being able to structurize your thoughts and express your mind is priceless.
This is a lifelong learning skill but it’s really priceless. It can reduce misunderstandings and confusions.

Being an independent & autonomous team member πŸš€

In short: you need to be autonomous enough to be able to collaborate. I think it’s a mix of all the previous points.

I’d call it an autonomous team member, not a solo player, but rather a person who knows all ins and outs of a team working, knows the best practices but are able to work independently on the particular tasks.

As simple as that – being able to communicate effectively and yet to deliver the stuff.

Anything to add here? πŸ“–

Will you add anything else to this list?

As you see, it’s not the list of frameworks you’ve mastered or databases you were working with, but being able to communicate effectively and yet to deliver the stuff it’s all that matters.